Professor Coutts is a rare subject matter expert who has a ‘broad spectrum knowledge and experience’ in the fields of commercial radio technologies and telecommunications covering fixed line, private and public mobile, and internet communications.

Reg combines a deep commercial knowledge with academic achievement. Leveraging his experience with large public companies (for example his nearly 20 years working for Telstra) and work with small innovation companies fighting to gain traction in the market place.

Reg has advised governments on telecommunication policy, appeared as an expert witness giving opinion on the technical workings of mobile phone networks relevant to legal argument, and participated as a technology start-up board member.
In 1993 Reg was appointed as Professor of Telecommunications at Adelaide University, establishing the department and putting in place ground breaking relationships with industry.

Reg is available to consult to interested parties seeking to better understand the telecommunications market place, the inner workings of the telecommunications industry, government policy in relation telecommunications, broadband, spectrum issues, and commercialisation of ICT.

Professor Reg Coutts
Telco Consultant with public, private, academic and business experience.
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Reg Coutts inducted into the ICT Hall of Fame
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