Presentations and papers

Reg Coutts regularly writes on telecommunications issues.
The following are a selection of his presentations and published


‘Space for Innovative Communication Solutions’


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‘No Future for 'Net Neutrality' CommsDay Summit’


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‘The USO and Wireless’


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‘Mobile Ping Data’ – Metadata for Tracking


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‘Australia’s Satellite Sector: Where to Now?’


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Cell Phone Evidence can be misused by the state to attempt to ‘prove’ the location of a defendent at a point in time. Reg Coutts and Hugh Selby presented a paper on their experience at the NSW Criminal Law Conference


See the paper ‘Problems with Cell Phone Evidence tendered to ‘prove’ the location of a person at a point in time’

June 6, 2016

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Will 5G and IoT Create a New Monopoly?


CommsDay Conference Sydney

April 4-5, 2015

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Death of the Telco(s)?


Growth of OTT Services

Australian OTT Summit, Sydney, November 18-19, 2015

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Internet of Things (IOT)


Spectrum and Regulation

CommsDay Unwired, Sydney, November 17, 2015

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Broadband Perofmance


Regulatory Intervention?

CommsDay Conference, Melbourne, October 13-14, 2015

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Better Telecommunications services for all



Rethinking the Universal Service Obligation

Commissioned by Vodafone Hutchison Australia

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Analysis of use of Mobile Telecommunications

Networks to Deliver Broadcast Radio in Australia

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Reading the Tealeaves to meet the diverse

communications needs of baby boomers to live



Presented to the Communications Policy Research Forum

(CPRF'11) Sydney, November 7-8th 2011

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Scales of Justice and Cell Phone Evidence

Presentation to the Expert Evidence Conference

Canberra 12th - 13th February 2011

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Submission to the Ministry of Economic Development


Planning for Digital Television and New Uses


30th September 2009


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The Safe and Unsafe Use of Mobile Phone Evidence

Communications Policy Research Forum (CPRF2008)

September 29-30th, Sydney 2008


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Understanding the user within the innovation spiral


Paper Authors: Reginald Coutts, Pamela Coutts and Kate Alport. Presented at MOBIS 2005 Conference,

Leeds UK November 5th 2005


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Telecommunications & New Wireless Technologies - Australia's Place in the World

2003, Professor Reg Coutts, Director of the Centre for Telecommunications Networking (CTIN), Adelaide University


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Interview with Reg Coutts, by Liz Fell
Dr Reg Coutts has been influential in guiding the development and growth of the mobile communications…
- Telecommunication Journal of Australia Vol 53

Spectrum Auctions Enabling 3G Mobile Communications?

For ITS Conference, Perth, July 1st-3rd 2001

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An analysis of the Australian PCS Auction(s)


Presented at the Pacific Telecommunications Conference

(PTC '99) Hawaii, January 17-20, 1999.


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